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"...Douches can be your best friend when anal sex gets a little messy. Lovers of anal penetration adopted Douches to make backdoor action much more sanitary.


Douches and Enemas are compatible with our silicone or water-based lubricants. Lubricating the tip of the product makes a huge difference in comfort!


After using one of our Douches, dismantle it and carefully wash each part. After the douche as dried, it can be reassembled and stored it in a dark and cool area.


Naturally, Douches and Enemas make for a creative idea if you and your partner are pondering anal sex. Needless to say, Douches and Enemas can be a real eye-opener.


Women and men who engage in anal play should keep our Douches and Enemas within easy reach. When using one of our Douches and Enemas, we recommend doing so in the shower or bathtub for easy clean-up..."