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"...Lubricants are great for practicing safe sex either during masturbation or intercourse. We carry a variety of Lubricants for you to choose from. Using a personal lubricant not only helps prevent condom breakage, but also makes your encounter much more pleasurable.


From erotic massage oils to sensitizing creams, our catalog of Lubricants gives you plenty of options to please everyone. Lubricants are ideal for all kinds of sexual activity, including anal, and can be used in conjunction with your choice of vibrator. Be sure to match the right lube for the material your favorite toy is made of for optimal pleasure.


To add some taste into your oral sex sessions, try one of our flavored Lubricants. They come in fruity flavors, such as cherry, watermelon and strawberry, and will enhance the way your partner tastes!


Consider using one of our Lubricants that are designed to boost your sex drive. With performance-heightening Lubricants, men have the potential to last longer, while women have the ability to feel tighter..."