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"...Celebrate your skin and set the mood for an evening of bliss with our collection of sensual Romantic Candles! When lit, Romantic Candles melt into silky and warm massage oils. Pour a little into your hand, and then rub onto your lover’s skin for a steamy erotic massage that moisturizes and makes you both feel amazing. Choose from a variety of subtle-yet-invigorating fragrances.


As you lather in this incredibly-perilous oil, both you and your partner will notice the way its all-organic blend hydrates, soothes, and replenishes skin. You will also be allured by the wonderful aphrodisiac aromas and the marvellous warmth of our Romantic Candles. Since the Romantic Candles burn at low temperatures, you can pour the hot wax directly onto your lover’s skin safely and seductively. All of our Romantic Candles are made from an organic wax blend..."