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  • Colt Advanced Shower Shot - Silver


  • Clean Stream Deluxe Metal Shower System


  • Clean Stream Silicone Shower Cleansing System


  • Clean Stream Premium Enema Bucket Kit w/Silicone Hose


  • Perfect Fit ErgoFlo Shower


  • Clean Stream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit


  • Colt Shower Anal Pleasure Shot


  • Colt Bum Buddy Cleaning System - Red

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  • Colt Bum Buddy Cleaning System - Black


  • Clean Stream Diverter Switch Shower Valve


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"...Our Shower Systems can help you achieve the impossible - get dirty while showering!


Our Shower Systems are capable of providing you with very effective enemas. The nozzle is equipped to use as a shower attachment without hindering the shower's performance.


The Shower Systems in our inventory comes with a mental hose and supplementary nozzles. One end of the hose is attachable to your shower head, while the other end is where you connect the nozzle of your choice. All of the Shower Systems in our catalog have a valve that guides the water through the nozzle and into your buttocks.


Our Shower Systems are can also be applied straight onto your shower head, so that it can drive a water stream directly into your sweet spot. They unleash powerful vibrations on your G-spot for an orgasm you will never forget..."