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"...Our high intensity, ultra powered bullets and eggs feature a wide range of speed and rhythm modes. They are small, yet pack a pleasurable punch! Our bullets and eggs can be slipped into a purse or pocket easily for discreet pleasure, anytime.


The strong vibrations our bullets and eggs provide can be used for precise stimulation against sensitive nipples, to tickle the clitoris, or the tease the testicles. Our velvet smooth, matte finish power bullets operate with a simple wired remote, ergonomically curved to fit easily into your palm.


Just hit the front button to turn one of our bullets and eggs, and cycle through the many functions quickly and easily, leaving you free to concentrate on the pleasure. Their elegant shapes are contoured for maximum pleasure.


Cool and soothing for all your tender spots, our bullets and eggs contain bevelled heads, which place pressure against your clit, perineum or even your temple..."