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"...Some of our double penetrators are hollow strap-ons, which provides the thrill of double penetration without having to involve another partner. These hollow dongs are just what you need to deter performance letdowns.


The bottom dildo on our double penetrators features a withered-down tip for a smooth entry to the backdoor. They won’t bend during penetration due to their solidity, and feel amazing against your skin.


All of our double penetrators are hypo-allergenic and body-safe. The silicone materials our double penetrators are made from have a skin-soft feel, and warms up to body temperature very quickly. Since the double penetrators conform to the contours of the body, users experience the most realistic stimulations possible.


Our double penetrators will go to work reaming her while supplying thrilling vibrations for you. The double penetrators’ silicone material will ensure the sex toy remains hard as you use it on her..."