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"...Pump your nipples to extreme delight with our nipple toys! Simply put your nipples under the suction cups, and then press the power button. Watch your nipples swell to lusciousness! When you’re prepared to remove the suction cups on our nipple toys, press the simple-access vacuum release button as you pamper your perkier breasts and appreciate enhanced sensitivity and sensation! Your nipples will be buzzing with delight!


All our wireless vibrating nipple toys are waterproof, most are rubber-coated, readily adjustable, and seamless for your relaxation. The electronic nipple toys work with the touch of a button to provide intense stimulation to your nipples. Their whisper-quiet motors tickle and tease!


Keep your nipples stiff and sensitive with our nipple toys and encounter pumping delight - they will get your nipples to tremble like an earthquake, while lightly perking and massaging your most sensitive spots..."