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"...Explore the astonishing world of anal stimulation with our big collection of butt plugs and probes. Reaching orgasm through anal stimulation is incredibly arousing due to the high concentration of nerve endings of the region. Our set of butt plugs and probes enable you to excite every one of those nerves.


Our probes will get you tremble with joy, and their gently curved tips and calibrated beads are perfect for easing your way into anal play. Our butt plugs include a flexible shaft that bends with your body's contours to reach just the right area. Most of our butt plugs come with a sturdy ring at the base for simple and safe management, letting you come harder than ever before!


Our butt plugs and probes can be heated or cooled, enabling you to tease your lover with temperature play. They are hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and can be worn all day, discretely..."