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System Jo Volt 12    

"...Since the G-Spot is not obvious to the naked eye, many have doubted its existence. Some men even have trouble finding a girl’s clitoris!


Our Clitoral Stimulation and G-Spot products will not only be able them find them, they can help stimulate them as well.


The difference between Clitoral Stimulation and G-Spot orgasms is worth exploring. Clitoral orgasms are usually singular. After a clitoral orgasm, the clitoris is extremely sensitive. Touching it immediately after an orgasm is comparable to touching the penis head that has just ejaculated. It is very sensitive!


G-Spot orgasms are often multiple. The sensual design of the G-Spot allows it to be stimulated to its peak continuously. Each G-Spot orgasm is just a little more explosive and intense than the one that preceded it!


Clitoral Stimulation and G-Spot products are the best way to locate and stimulate such sensitive areas. Once you know where they are, orgasms will never be the same for you or your lover..."