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Vegas Strips  Max Desire Bottle of 60  

"...We carry proven, safe, and all natural oral supplements designed to increase a Woman's Libido.


The ingredients in the Women’s Libido products we carry heighten sensations in the clitoris, as well as the labia major and minor. Woman's Libido products can also to help lubricate the vagina, which is essential for increased arousal levels and overall intercourse pleasure.


Woman's Libido products not only increase your sensual awareness, but make you want to engage in more sexual activity. Women’s Libido products improve sexual appetites, and make it easier for females to get sexually aroused. There is a distinct difference in satisfaction during sexual activity due to the expanded blood flow to your clitoris and vagina. As such, Women’s Libido products give females the potential to achieve multiple orgasms.


Woman's Libido products provoke your sensuality with specific supplements and nutrients which attract cell tissue in your vaginal regions. Once blood naturally flows to your sexual organs, you will experience intense encounters, even if you are post-menopausal..."