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"...Some of of our modern vibrators come with WIFI enabled internal-cameras, allowing you to transmit pictures and video wirelessly to a computer, smart phone or a tablet from the product itself. Our modern vibrators are able to adapt to your body temperature very fast, and can also be heated in a microwave or hot water, or cooled down in cold water.


These modern vibrators are curved, making it easy to touch all the right spots. With remote-controlled modern vibrators, users can choose their desired sensations during lovemaking. They can control vibration, speed, and intensity with a click of a button. These quiet, ultra-sensitive motor will stimulate your G-spot and everywhere else inside you.


Most are made from soft, flexible silicone, are waterproof and rechargeable. Many come with an aluminum finish that feels great against your skin, and are seductive enough to stimulate your most sensitive spots. Each ergonomic curve conforms to the contours of your body to sensually caress your most sensitive regions..."